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WizHelperOneSE Online Service Control System - WizHelperOne SE
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WizHelperOneSE is a system that serves as a relay for connection between an ordering organization and an external terminal (service company), It is an online service control system for remote work and remote online development. * Compliance with Article 28-2 (Online Development in Remote Areas) of the Basic Guidelines for National Information Security
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Work by sharing the screen of the information system connected to the remote desktop on your internal PC. Remote development and remote work can be accessed only for manager approval, It is not possible to access the information system directly from an external PC or service control system.

Product overview

Due to the relocation of public institutions to local governments, the avoidance of participation in long-distance SW projects is intensifying due to the increase in the cost of staying input personnel due to the resident of developers and poor working conditions.
WizHelperOneSE provides a safe remote work and remote development environment by strengthening security control functions to eliminate anxiety factors such as input personnel management and security management concerns that ordering organizations are concerned about.

Product Features

  • Complies with Article 28-2 (Online Development at Remote Areas) of the Basic Guidelines for National Information Security
  • Compliance with online development at remote locations, Chapter 3, Section 2 of the Guidelines for Security Management of Service Companies in National and Public Institutions
  • Electronic Financial Supervisory Regulations Enforcement Regulations Network Separation Alternative Information Protection Control Compliance
  • NIS Security Review Passes
  • GS Certification Grade 1
  • Security is enhanced by the NIS-certified Ariah method of communication data encryption
  • Obtain worker security agreements and block access to critical folders
  • Construction of audit data by managing access history records and storing video recordings
  • Security management of external terminal (development PC)