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WizHelperOne Online Service Control System
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WizHelperOne is working on maintenance and emergency failures Establish technical security measures for remote access from outside, It is an online service control system that secures system stability. *Compliance with Article 52 of the Basic Guidelines for National Information Security (Online Maintenance through Designated Terminal)
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Perform online services by sharing an information system screen connected to a remote desktop from an institution console PC. Online services can be accessed remotely only for administrator approval, It is not possible to access the information system directly from an external PC or service control system.

Product overview

Maintenance and outage response are difficult to be promptly addressed due to the physical distance from remote institutions and the limited capabilities of small local IT companies.
WizHelperOne is an online service control system that remotely accesses and manages maintenance and emergency outages, enhancing security by controlling the system access history and external terminals of service providers, and providing a safe and efficient maintenance management environment.

Product Features

  • Compliance with online maintenance through designated terminals in Article 52 of the "Basic Guidelines for National Information Security"
  • Online maintenance in Chapter 3, Section 3 of the Guidelines for Security Management of Service Companies in National and Public Institutions
  • NIS Security Review Passes
  • GS Certification Grade 1
  • Security is enhanced by the NIS-certified Ariah method of communication data encryption
  • Maintenance and emergency failure handling
  • Obtain worker security agreements and block access to critical folders
  • Construction of audit data by managing access history records and storing video recordings
  • Security management for maintenance designated terminals