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Smart Emergency Alarm Emergency Care Product - Smart Emergency Alarm
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Smart Emergency Alarm is available when calling emergency signals through simple operation of the handheld device in case of emergency. This is an emergency alarm solution that allows the control system to check the user's real-time video/voice/location information and take action swiftly.
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All communication is SSL secure communication, sensitive information in the database is encrypted, and all requests are made accessible only to authorized users through session processing.

Product overview

Smart emergency Alarm is an emergency alarm solution that can be applied to emergency level by identifying real-time video/voice/location/location information and text messages at critical situations such as disaster and violence.

Product Features

  • Emergency alarm on the lock screen, real-time information transmission of location, video and voice, auto-saving of recorded video
  • Model type: B2B (user-receiver), B2C (control center-user-receiver)
  • All communication is SSL secure communication, encryption of sensitive information in the database
  • Connection (Privacy Protection) : Only when user generates emergency alarm from his ‘Help Me’ app, or with user’s approval upon request of receiver
  • Patent registration for "life emergency rescue systems and how they are used" [No. 10-1767474 / 10-1867021]

Product Utilization Examples

  • Smart City Deployment: 5 Smart City Integrated Platforms Services
  • Establishment of CCTV Control Center: Golden Time is secured by linking the danger and disaster situation of CCTV blind spots with smart emergency Alarm.
  • Disaster-related system establishment: In case of a disaster, link to the disaster system quickly and effectively to minimize damage
  • Development of a civic safety system: the establishment of a social safety net for the weak and the citizens through the link with the integrated urban safety center

Product introduction effect

  • Maximize safe city feeling by enabling anytime, anywhere signals of danger
  • Provides psychological protection for vulnerable people and contributes to crime prevention by expanding the social infrastructure that can put psychological pressure on criminals
  • Use the control center to perform the actual safety service by checking and reporting the situation directly to the resident officials
  • Creating a safe urban environment that is easily accessible to the socially vulnerable and tourist visitors