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nLock Security Solutions Product - nLock
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‘nLock’ is a new enterprise equipment security total solution to comply with the security management and privacy laws of enterprise-wide computing equipment.
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Efficiently manage corporate assets through the collection, return, theft and loss management of computer equipment such as laptops, and prevent unauthorized leakage of various personal information, sensitive information, and sensitive data stored on each computer device through folder locking and file encryption

Product overview

nLock is a data protection solution that effectively prevents property damage caused by leaks and misuse of computer equipment by unauthorized entry and exit of laptop or other computing equipment, blocking the use of USB, and blocking access to data.

Product Features

  • Computer equipment import and export management
  • Block unauthorized use of laptops
  • Block unauthorized network use
  • Block access to sensitive data folders
  • Automatic restriction of use of stolen and lost laptops
  • Lock folders and encrypt files to prevent data leakage
  • Support for cryptographic communication: use of the SEED encryption algorithm recommended by the NIS
  • DB Encryption: Apply the Triple DES algorithm

Product introduction effect

  • Efficient management of computing equipment with departmental management functions
  • Rapid response through the theft, loss and reporting function of computer equipment
  • Complete protection of corporate data with folder locking and file encryption
  • Compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act
  • In the case of public institutions, compliance with the Information and Communication Security Regulations