A company ready for communication with better tomorrow, at the center of its value is Ahranta.
Company Introduction Through 30 years of know-how and technology, we deliver the optimal solutions.

Aranta has provided security and remote control solutions such as ‘PointLock’, ‘nLock’, ‘AS Doctor’, and ‘WizRec’ based on the network-based technology accumulated since 1991. Currently, we provide document security and file encryption solution ‘PointLock Enterprise Single’, has been launched mobile app service that helps to respond quickly to crime and disaster; ‘Smart Emergency Alarm’. In addition, ‘WizHelper’, a remote control system, is supplied to governmental, financial, and educational institutions, which highly recognize its service and technology. Ahranta, who has been providing better service to its customers in line with the changing needs and times, will move beyond the country to become a strong player in the global security and remote control solutions market.

Corporate concept We will make infinite value to our customers and to our shareholders,we will turn our profits into a group that contributes to our society.
고객 중심 경영 이미지 고객 중심 경영 이미지

    Customer-centric management

  • Building customer-centric infrastructure and systems
  • Provide an One -Stop service
  • Commitment to customers
사회 환원 경영 이미지 사회 환원 경영 이미지

    Give back to society management

  • A society rich in endless research and dedication
  • A clear sense of ethics
  • Comply with law
글로벌 경영 이미지 글로벌 경영 이미지

    Global management

  • Global Market Leader
  • Demonstrate the superiority of Korean IT technology to overseas markets
  • Securing global standards of management transparency
Corporate competitiveness We provide services and solutions to about 5,000 customers, including businesses and government offices and individuals. We will be an Ahranta to reward you for quality, technical skills and service.