A company ready for communication with better tomorrow, at the center of its value is Ahranta.
Company history Since its establishment in 1991, Ahranta has developed the first remote support service in Korea and has been providing a variety of remote support solutions and security solutions.

2020 ~ 2019

  • [United States Patent] Emergency lifesaving system and emergency lifesaving method using the same
  • Smart Emergency Alarm : Achieved Quality Certification of Cloud Service
  • [Patent] Emergency Alarm System for Fire
  • [Patent] Livestock Group Medical Treatment Prevention Diagnosis System
  • Certificate of Venture Business
  • Smart Emergency Alarm : Achieved Certification of Cloud Service Accreditation

2018 ~ 2016

  • Launched Smart Emergency Alarm System
  • nLock 2.0 GS Certification
  • WizHelper ONE 2.1 GS Certification
  • Launch WizHelper Mobile Counselors
  • Development of the industry's the first sound transmission/voice chat service
  • WizHelper 7.0 GS Certification
  • Support for WizHelper mobile device iOS services
  • Developing a mobile recording solution WizREC
  • Development of Mobile Control Management Solution MDM
  • Patent registration for security methods for remote services
  • Development of an integrated disability management solution for public institutions
  • Development of a mobile+PC remote support solution WizHelper
  • Dr. AS, open remote services for Android mobile
  • Development of a laptop-in-place management solution called 'nLock'
  • Develop mobile security management solution PointLock M
  • Chat remote control Desktop Live launch

2015 ~ 2010

  • DesktopHelper 5.0 GS Certification
  • Acquiring certifications for Inobiz (SME as technology innovation)
  • Launch of Remote Control Solution DesktopHelper 2007
  • Program Review and Coordination Committee registration (Internet Desktop Helper 5.0)
  • Selection of export enterprise (Small Business Administration)
  • Launch DesktopHelper PRO
  • Selection of outstanding companies for new growth engines
  • Sever Security Solution PointLockS launched

2005 ~ 2000

  • Development of an unmanned remote control service doctor
  • The first virtual (shared)IP remote control service in Korea and abroad
  • Patent registration for security methods of computer files
  • Patent registration for real-time remote control methods
  • DesktopHelper 2.0 launch
  • Personalized remote control service GOMYPC launched

1999 ~ 1991

  • Established Aranta
  • Development of remote control program, A/S, 1.0 (DOS)
  • Certified by the Ministry of Information and Communication for Venture Businesses Award for software
  • Twin-Net 2000 Launch [Windows 95/98/NT 4.0]
  • Selection of industrial-based technology developers by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy