A company ready for communication with better tomorrow, at the center of its value is Ahranta.
Certification, award details Ahranta has developed its own technology and provides its services. Based on its unique technology and expertise, it is positioning itself in the Remote Assistance & Security solution market.

Award status


  • EK 94' Selected as Information and Communication Promotion Fund Company‘Information and Communication Promoting Fund’


  • Selection of suppliers supporting the Small and Medium Business Administration' New Technology Development Fund‘New Technology Development Fund’


  • Ministry of Information and Communication won a software award‘Communication Industry Federation of Korea’


  • Customer Satisfaction Awards' (The Daily Information Times)‘Customer Satisfaction Awards’ (The Daily InformationTimes)
  • Join Comdex Fall Las Vegas


  • Award for Venture Enterprise (Award of Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • Join Seoul Technological Innovation Expo
  • • Join ASEAN Communication & Multimedia Expo, Kuala Lumpurm,Malaysia ‘Participated in Comdex Fall Las Vega’


  • Selected companies for the commercial export business
  • A company with excellent information and communication service selection
  • GS Certification


  • Selection of export commercialization projects (SMA)
  • Acquiring certifications for Innobiz (SME as technological innovation)


  • Selection of outstanding companies for new growth engines in Korea


  • Point Loch Pro GS Certification (Korea Information and Communication Technology Association)


  • Established R&D center

Patent status

  • Emergency lifesaving system and emergency lifesaving method using the same
  • (No. US 10,536,572 B2)
  • Emergency Alarm System for Fire
  • (No. 10-2007687)
  • Livestock Group Medical Treatment Prevention Diagnosis System
  • (No. 10-1960474)
  • Emergency rescue system and use of emergency rescue methods
  • (No. 10-1867021)
  • Laptop carry-in management system and how to respond to lost notebooks
  • (No. 10-1800716)
  • Emergency rescue system and use of emergency rescue methods
  • (No. 10-1767474)
  • How to browse encrypted files
  • (No. 10-1712407)
  • System and computer readable storage media for the administrator's device to remotely control the user's device
  • (No. 10-1548606)
  • Security methods for remote services
  • (No. 10-1351449)
  • Real-time remote control methods
  • (No. 0366824)
  • How to secure computer files
  • (No. 0324656)